Service requests software SR-2


Service requests software

SR-2 is a web-based service request management software available to all our clients, no matter the size of their business.

The daily management of service requests by building occupants requires efficient tools allowing faster follow-ups of their requests and rapid work execution by employees and contractors. The SR-2 application was specifically designed to meet these objectives as it provides applicants, managers, and other interveners with the required information at the opportune moment. The SR-2 application adapts to current and future processes of organizations. The application can transfer a work request to an employee in real-time without any intermediary intervention, such as a planner.

SR-2, Modules and Features


  • User Management
  • Location Management
  • Service Management
  • Request Management

User Management

  • Access Screen (New request, Request history, Combination of both)
  • Locations at which the requester is able to make the requests
  • Services available to the requesters

Location Management

  • Locations where the service is rendered
  • Assets on which the service operates
  • Workshops, trades, employees associated with the service
  • Predefined work performed by the service with an opportunity to identify priorities and a link to a standard task.
  • Form (new request entry screen)

Service Request Management

  • Send request to one or more services
  • Use the predetermined elements from each of the services such as forms, locations, task and other
  • Select an asset associated with the service
  • Link documents to the request
  • Review previous and historical requests and even reactivate them
  • Print the previous and historical requests or export them to Excel
  • Create custom search filters with a save possibility by the user

The integration of SR-2 to the MAINT (Maintenance, Inventory and Purchasing) and SARRA (Asset Maintenance) provides clients with powerful tools for managing the sum of their activities. The SR-2 application is used by many admService request management software available to all our clients, no matter the size of their business. inistrators operating in a variety of sectors. The average number of users per organization varies from 25 to 500. To know more about our Customized Services.

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